Friday, August 2, 2013


You wanna react.

We've had a lot of viewpoints about the events pictured above including this knob so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and say my two cents since, well, I live in Southwest Detroit. 

First let's talk about the graffiti, seriously really bad throw-up guys. I was looking for more angles and a little bit more shade around the lettering.  Honestly though is this a fucking joke? You're saying no to hipsters now? There's like seven of them. Seriously S E V E N. Once there's a restaurant named after some bike part or an Urban Outfitters downtown(sorry dudes MooseJaw doesn't count) then you can start worrying. Till then just be happy someone wants to live in your neighborhood and open a business there.  Does anyone know what gentrification even means? It's tossed around as much as that other equally vague term "hipster." If people are going to start throwing those terms around lets start to understand what those terms actually define. Or actually lets not, because either one of these things are NOT A FUCKING PROBLEM IN DETROIT. The city had two million people siphoned down to roughly seven hundred thousand. It has a little room for everybody at this point. The problem is that I can't even write an article beyond a paragraph about this shit. I mean have you seen Vernor, the street that takes you up to Mexicantown and towards Southwest? One out of every four buildings is vacant. Every night when I drive home coming off Michigan Ave I'm shadowed by a giant fucking useless artifact, then from there I watch as both sides of the street are littered with empty buildings.  Seriously get the fuck over yourself  Southwest. Nobody is trying to tear down your food co-op for a Trader Joes. You have to GET a food co-op first.

What really irks me about the paint gizz that someone threw all over the place is the realization  just how useless newspapers are.  Some guy from the News wrote an article about this? Everyone with eyes in their face know that one or two guys did this over the span of one evening. It's not like some wide spread protests.  He interviews some kid at Mercury, and calls it a "locals vs hipsters turf war." Yes, he really wrote that.  By just the third paragraph even the writer had a enough sense to confirm that "you shouldn't read too much into it" than proceeds to, you know, read too much into it.

I understand why people wanna live in Southwest. It still has an incredible amount of businesses including grocery stores. It's one of the few neighborhoods in the city that's completely self-sufficient  There's Clark Park, and neighborhoods with kids playing along the streets backdropped by beautiful homes. But cars still get broken into at an alarming rate. A friend of mine had to put a car alarm in his old shitty Neon because someone tried to steal it twice...IN A WEEK. Some time ago I heard a woman screaming, this wasn't just a light screaming it took over the entire sky and echoed down the street. I ran down my stairs and out the front door only to realize it was coming from the alley. As I ran to the other end of my house I grabbed a butcher knife on the way out the back door. I headed towards the alley when I saw a woman who was completely naked running down the alley towards a house. Just then my neighbor who owned the house the woman was running towards came out, he immediately ran back inside and grabbed a coat for her and called the police. There was no need to call the police because a woman who owned a house along the alley was yelling from her window into a phone explaining everything that was happening to the dispatcher.  There was another scream coming from a car of a man that was, I thought, calling the name of the woman. The woman said that she was getting raped and when she asked to go pee ran from the car. This was behind my house. I waited until the police arrived and went back inside. I still live here. My friend with the shitty Neon still lives here. This is our neighborhood now too. For better or worse. Fuck you.

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